router table

People often tend to make these following mentioned three mistakes while purchasing a Router Table. Here in this article I have tried to explain where people go wrong about Router tables and what are the things they should keep in mind when in market for a router table.

router table

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Getting Infatuated To A Brand

Some people are branding specific when it comes to buying a router table and stick to only one brand. Some don’t have a clue which brand to buy so they keep chasing the top brands in the market. I have used routers of almost all major brands.

I have also met and discussed with many expert woodworkers about the router tables. So based on my knowledge and experience, I will say both types of people have wrong approach when it comes to buying a router table.

Furthermore, some people restrict themselves from trying newer brands because of the inferior image of these brands portrayed to them by their friends and associates.

So they prefer to stick with renowned brands like Woodpecker, Rockler, Bench Dog, MLCS, RTD etc. instead of trying new ones. This prevents them from saving money and using the new features provided by new brands.

People should be more focused on the feature of the model than the brand. Newer brands offer more innovative features as compared to established brands. The best way to choose a perfect router table is look for the features of router table that fulfill your requirements.

Buying All At Once

One of the most common mistakes done by people is that they buy everything related to router table right away. Due to this they end up buying thing they may never use I their work shop.

If you are buying a router table for the first time, better buy one and start working with it. Get used to it; improve your skills with it. Once you are good with it then you can go for other related stuff. This way you will know what exactly you need and will learn how to work with it in a better way.

One extra thing that you can buy immediately with router table is a nice set of router bits. This is the accessory that you will surely need over the lifetime.

Buying Small Table

This mistake is generally done by the people who are new to router tables. They go for the small router table for one of the most obvious reason that it is cheaper than the bigger one.

But one of the most awesome things about router table that these novices don’t know is that it opens up whole new world of woodworking. After using it for some time you will feel the need to grow with it. You will require more space to accommodate more tools and also you will need more workspace as you work more and more with it.

Buying a small router table may restrict your growth in woodworking. So if you are serious about woodworking with router table you may consider spending a little more and getting a bigger router table.


Woodworking becomes a lot easier and safer if you have a proper work space to do it. So, how about building your own woodworking bench? A Woodworking table that provides a large platform to work on, while at the same time can also be used as a router table and can accommodate a big table saw.




First you will have to find a place where you would like to setup your woodworking router table. Since it is going to be a big table, moving it from one place to other may get difficult. It would be wise to build it at a same place where you want to set it up. Also make sure that the location have accessibility to enough light.

Next you will need material and tools to setup the whole thing. Go for the good quality material and tools. They may seem bit expensive at first sight, but good tools will make your work easier and will last for longer period of time. The good quality material will produce superior and durable woodworking bench.

Make a Frame

A solid frame is the first thing you should look to build. It is very important to plan and design your frame well as it is going to determine the sturdiness of your workbench. You can use 4 inch long No 10 woodscrews to screw up the frame.

Start with building the frame to support the top. Then lay it on the trestles and clamp it. Use Spirit level to make the top frame flat. You may have to fiddle with it for a while to get it perfect.

After completing the top frame it’s time for the legs. Cut the legs of the exactly same length and according to the height you want your work bench to be. If your floor is uneven, measure each location and build up the frame accordingly.

Top of Table

You will need two ply sheet of 3/4” for the top of the table. Though one will be enough but it’s better to have a backup in case thing don’t go well with the first one. Now take one and cut it according to your need. Drill and countersink the screws up from below the table. This way you will be able to keep your top smooth and undamaged from the screw drilling.

Now place the ply over the top frame in such a way that the long pointy screw tips are facing downwards. These screws will provide a firm grip to the frame.

Make Space For The Tools

As mentioned above we also want this table to work as Router table and a table saw. For this we need to have a space in the middle where we can fix the router or table saw. Now cut the ply in such a way so that you can fit a table saw or a router in it. You can use circular saw for this task.



Now check the hole by inserting the table saw or router in it. If the tools do not fit trim it bit more to fit in the tools. There are high chances that you will not be able to fit in both router and table saw in same space as they may have different shape. In such case you may have to dig in two different spaces that fit these tools in them. Once you are satisfied with it you can proceed to give the finishing touch to your woodworking workbench.